Yang & Yin


Yang & Yin  (02.12.19)

Date(s):  02.12.19

Time(s):  18:45 - 20:00

Location:  DiDi House


Dearest Yogi

I believe we should keep our lives always balanced. Therefore I am introducing a style of yoga where we will combine two to create one piece of harmony for your soul and body.
Yang strong and active, Yin soft and passive.

The YANG practice will be a dynamic vinyasa flow that will lead us through a series of smoothly flowing postures which are synchronised to the breath. Flow (or “vinyasa” in Saskrit) can be relatively fast-paced and challenging at times and in therefore also known for its cardio benefits.

The YIN practice is a soft style of yoga that involves variations of seated and supine poses typically held for 3 to 5 minutes, accessing deeper layers of fascia. It’s designed to help you sit longer, and more comfortably, in meditation by stretching connective tissue around the joints.

In all my lessons I use a self created theme and designed music to share my personal life moments and experiences with you.

All levels are welcomed. Yogi is for us all.


In Love

Bookings are closed for this event.

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