Yoga is …

People love yoga for a million different reasons, from getting a real break from hectic working life, to having fun with friends, finding spiritual fulfilment, or just plain sport (yoga is very good for a healthy lifestyle).

Yoga is actually Sanskrit for “connection”. Practising yoga helps us connect with the experiences around us, the people we love, and our own body, mind and soul.

If you have ever practised yoga with a good teacher, you will know this feeling of connection is a wonderful one which is easy to forget when you are caught in the busy flow of everyday life.

DiDi Yoga Styles

DiDi Yoga practises several very popular styles, used in combination or individually according to the mood or wishes of the students.

  • Vinyasa flow yoga gives your muscles an energising workout. You move your body fluidly from one position to another, synchronising movement with breath so that everything flows.
  • Yin yoga is a slow, profound practice. Holding a position, you move into a more passive mindset to allow deeper access to your muscles.
  • Hatha yoga is calming and meditative. You take different positions at a slower pace, focusing on the breath and channelling your energy. These exercises connect students with the present moment.
  • I am also a fan of the more dynamic and physically active ashtanga yoga, a sporty set of vinyasas focused on core strength. Offered in workshops.
  • Finally, yoga nidra is a blissful relaxation technique aimed to relieve stress and bring more mindfulness to your daily life.


In a small and friendly class, you relax into the group flow while still getting the attention you need from the teacher.

What regular classes are there?

At the moment, DiDi offers regular:

  • Lunch Flows (60 minutes)
  • Warm evening sessions (90 minutes)

Have a look at the class timetable here.

Where is it?

I offer classes in my lovely little studio in the centre of Zurich.

I also offer business yoga in company offices, rooftop terraces, and parks all over the city.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring loose, comfortable clothing and a readiness to move your body and go with the flow!

DiDi will take care of the rest.

There are many reasons for wanting a one-on-one lesson. Some students may have an injury which needs specific attention; others want to focus on an aspect of yoga practice which they find difficult; and others just prefer privacy.


Therapy yoga for individuals

Sometimes the need to escape everyday pressure is very strong. Deep down, we have been telling ourselves to slow down for a long time, but life doesn’t slow down for us. Stress manifests itself in the negative thoughts and confusion in our minds, and meanwhile a deep tension sets into muscles all over the body.

Yoga acts as a wonderful one-on-one therapy in cases like this. DiDi employs a personalized combination of physiotherapy, deep stretching, dynamic movements, breathing exercises and massage, specifically designed to reactivate and re-energise the mind and body.

In a private lesson the teacher can work very closely to make sure you are getting the most out of your practice. Please feel free to write me a message and we can work out a great yoga session for you.

What they said about DiDi Yoga

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